This form of yoga has come into vogue due to the challenging physical forms it proposes which can provide a great workout as well as helps to bring about spiritual balance as well. For most Westerners the Hatha yoga form is common and that is what they associate yoga with; however, there are other forms of yoga which comprises of several branches or discipline with physical and spiritual significances.

Hatha Yoga

Features of Hatha yoga

There are several features of the Hatha yoga forms and Bikram yoga is considered to be one of the disciplines that have descended from it. The asanas or postures in such yoga will help to strengthen, stretch and help to tone different muscles of the body. There are different poses that are practiced and the practitioners are asked to hold poses for a certain amount of time; they can work the sets around so that different muscle groups are warmed up and are worked out in an even manner. As one progresses in acquiring the different Hatha yoga poses, there are more challenging poses that one can follow or pickup which require strength, agility, and focus.

The other aspect that is important is breath work, also known as pranayama. The breathing technique as well as when to inhale or exhale are important during the different poses in Hatha yoga as it is in different forms of yoga as well. Often breaks are taken to focus on the breathing techniques. As breathing is controlled it helps one to control their body and gain an inward focus. This also helps to develop a sense of calm or control over one’s thought processes. As a result, it also helps to develop a sense of integrity between the mind and body and paves the way to a higher level of awareness. Meditation techniques are also taught which are encouraged among participants of Hatha yoga. With meditative techniques, one can learn to acquire a still and calm state which is also a goal of yogic practices. It helps inculcate the right values such as truthfulness and nonviolence as well as more tolerance and understanding of the world around us or the energies that exist between all living forms on earth. A good friend of mine from Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros uses hatha Yoga as a means of stress relief and it helped bring his blood pressure into the “normal range” in the matter of less than a month. 

In order to practice Hatha yoga in the right manner, finding the right practitioner is important. An experienced trainer will be able to inculcate the right values as well as propose the right methods of picking up the techniques of the poses. They will help an incumbent to understand the importance of warm up, how certain poses should be done and to prevent injury to oneself by following the techniques incorrectly. The right forms of Hatha yoga when practiced right will help one to see improvements in their general health, toning of their muscles and help them burn fat as well. It also helps improve blood circulation and build general levels of good health and immunity.