For those who cannot perform strenuous exercises or rigorous forms of yoga can opt to practice gentle yoga forms. This is a less intense form and is ideal for women who are pregnant or for seniors. Also, those who are recovering from different kinds of physical injury, are in poor physical health and need to have a relaxed workout can opt to practice gentle yoga forms.

Gentle Yoga Forms

How does it work?

Those who wish to know gentle forms and practices of yoga will surely find several books and online resources helpful to gain knowledge of such techniques. Gentle or beginner yoga poses are beneficial even for fit individuals who have not tried yoga poses before and need to know the right techniques before they opt for more intense and challenging poses of yoga. Gentle yoga poses do not put too much strain on the body or different joints. They have usually modified poses of the Hatha yoga forms. Hence, in contrast with Hatha yoga where a practitioner needs to go deep into a yoga pose, here one can perform the same postures with less stretch or demand physical postures. Less strain is put on the joints or muscles and is easy to perform. For those who are looking to try yoga poses for the first time, gentle yoga postures are easier to pick up and practice.

Gentle yoga also has less demand on the body, such as many yoga postures demands, a synchronized way of breathing and performing stretches that lead to a challenging workout. For instance, Vinyasa techniques are usually known to require synchronization of the breath along with the body motions. That leads to a sustained and more strenuous workout. However, the right technique of the poses and the timing between the different poses is also crucial. Hence, if one has not performed yoga for a long time or does not possess adequate flexibility, they will not be able to perform such poses. Also, for those with frail joints and other physical problems, it is best to refer to gentle yoga poses that will help in a more relaxed workout. This will comprise of improved blood circulation and stretch of the muscles in different parts of the body which help in improved metabolism levels and overall health.