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Invest In Yoga Pants For Your Workouts

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have been designed to aid different kinds of yoga practices but they can also be worn during different exercises such as martial arts, dance, and aerobics. There are different kinds of styles and designs that one will find which can range from form fitting to those that are airy and easy to move about in.

Yoga Pants

Design features of yoga pants

These are usually stylish and designed to aid in workouts of different forms. You could also find variant design elements such as different cuts and embroidery on them, which can make them part of your casual wear collection as well. Yoga pants are usually made of synthetic knits or cotton which makes them stretchy and lightweight. The knit ensure that the fabrics allow a wide range of flexibility to the wearer for carrying out different moves. At the same time, they hug the body and form fitting. They help ensure that the wearer can practice different poses that often require a wide range of flexibility; at the same time, a practitioner should be able to maintain good posture with such clothing.

Yoga pants can be of different materials such as cotton, linen or synthetic weaves as well as silk which is rare though. When it comes to length, they can vary from shorts to those that are worn to ankle length. Some styles are akin to shorts or tights that are up to the thigh or less while cut off styles are also common. The length of yoga pants can be chosen as per the kind of workout you would be having or the weather conditions that prevail. In colder climates it would be best to wear full-length yoga pants; however, if you are part of intense sessions like Bikram yoga, you will want to wear shorts or shorter pants.

As the yoga pants are made of comfortable and stretchy fabrics, they can be worn during other occasions as well. It definitely helps to keep joints and muscles in a form which is great for women who need to tighten their stomach and thigh muscles.


What Is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga

This form of yoga has come into vogue due to the challenging physical forms it proposes which can provide a great workout as well as helps to bring about spiritual balance as well. For most Westerners the Hatha yoga form is common and that is what they associate yoga with; however, there are other forms of yoga which comprises of several branches or discipline with physical and spiritual significances.

Hatha Yoga

Features of Hatha yoga

There are several features of the Hatha yoga forms and Bikram yoga is considered to be one of the disciplines that have descended from it. The asanas or postures in such yoga will help to strengthen, stretch and help to tone different muscles of the body. There are different poses that are practiced and the practitioners are asked to hold poses for a certain amount of time; they can work the sets around so that different muscle groups are warmed up and are worked out in an even manner. As one progresses in acquiring the different Hatha yoga poses, there are more challenging poses that one can follow or pickup which require strength, agility, and focus.

The other aspect that is important is breath work, also known as pranayama. The breathing technique as well as when to inhale or exhale are important during the different poses in Hatha yoga as it is in different forms of yoga as well. Often breaks are taken to focus on the breathing techniques. As breathing is controlled it helps one to control their body and gain an inward focus. This also helps to develop a sense of calm or control over one’s thought processes. As a result, it also helps to develop a sense of integrity between the mind and body and paves the way to a higher level of awareness. Meditation techniques are also taught which are encouraged among participants of Hatha yoga. With meditative techniques, one can learn to acquire a still and calm state which is also a goal of yogic practices. It helps inculcate the right values such as truthfulness and nonviolence as well as more tolerance and understanding of the world around us or the energies that exist between all living forms on earth. A good friend of mine from Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros uses hatha Yoga as a means of stress relief and it helped bring his blood pressure into the “normal range” in the matter of less than a month. 

In order to practice Hatha yoga in the right manner, finding the right practitioner is important. An experienced trainer will be able to inculcate the right values as well as propose the right methods of picking up the techniques of the poses. They will help an incumbent to understand the importance of warm up, how certain poses should be done and to prevent injury to oneself by following the techniques incorrectly. The right forms of Hatha yoga when practiced right will help one to see improvements in their general health, toning of their muscles and help them burn fat as well. It also helps improve blood circulation and build general levels of good health and immunity.

Gentle Forms Of Yoga For Practice

Gentle Yoga Forms

For those who cannot perform strenuous exercises or rigorous forms of yoga can opt to practice gentle yoga forms. This is a less intense form and is ideal for women who are pregnant or for seniors. Also, those who are recovering from different kinds of physical injury, are in poor physical health and need to have a relaxed workout can opt to practice gentle yoga forms.

Gentle Yoga Forms

How does it work?

Those who wish to know gentle forms and practices of yoga will surely find several books and online resources helpful to gain knowledge of such techniques. Gentle or beginner yoga poses are beneficial even for fit individuals who have not tried yoga poses before and need to know the right techniques before they opt for more intense and challenging poses of yoga. Gentle yoga poses do not put too much strain on the body or different joints. They have usually modified poses of the Hatha yoga forms. Hence, in contrast with Hatha yoga where a practitioner needs to go deep into a yoga pose, here one can perform the same postures with less stretch or demand physical postures. Less strain is put on the joints or muscles and is easy to perform. For those who are looking to try yoga poses for the first time, gentle yoga postures are easier to pick up and practice.

Gentle yoga also has less demand on the body, such as many yoga postures demands, a synchronized way of breathing and performing stretches that lead to a challenging workout. For instance, Vinyasa techniques are usually known to require synchronization of the breath along with the body motions. That leads to a sustained and more strenuous workout. However, the right technique of the poses and the timing between the different poses is also crucial. Hence, if one has not performed yoga for a long time or does not possess adequate flexibility, they will not be able to perform such poses. Also, for those with frail joints and other physical problems, it is best to refer to gentle yoga poses that will help in a more relaxed workout. This will comprise of improved blood circulation and stretch of the muscles in different parts of the body which help in improved metabolism levels and overall health.

Things You Should Know Before Taking Up Yoga


Are you new to the wonderful world of yoga? Do you want to know that you are fit for yoga and what it would offer you? Well, before you get into yoga, you need to know what it is and how it can benefit you. This is a comprehensive guide that will answer all your questions about yoga.


Is yoga for me?

Yoga is an ancient art form that will help in rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul through some exercise practice. It is an accessible option for all, no matter what age or gender you are. No matter where you live, what you wear, what you eat or what you do, yoga is not an exclusive thing and everyone can practice it. The only thing is that certain types of yoga practices can be a bit tough for people with certain medical illness and body pains and aches. But, some kind of discomfort in the body while doing yoga is an okay thing. If you experience pain when doing the yoga, then your body is telling you to back from this certain pose.

The benefits of yoga

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you practice yoga every day in the morning.

  •         It will improve your overall health and well be being.
  •         The health of the organs, muscles and the joints will improve.
  •         The mind will stay happy and healthy and you will be able to easily deal with stress and tensions.
  •         It will provide you with a good night’s sleep.
  •         Helps in preventing injuries when doing sports and also improves sports performance.
  •         Autoimmune disorders, heart problems, and diabetes conditions might be prevented.

Yoga involves both physical practice and practice for the mind and the soul. It will help in improving your stamina, balance, and strength, posture and offers better body flexibility through plenty of stretch routines. It will also help in making you feel happier, de-stressed and provides you with a lot of energy.

Preparing for the yoga class

The yoga has to be practiced on the floor with a yoga mat. It must be done on bare feet only. It is important to wear clothes that will stretch and move as even the basic yoga routines will have stretches. If you are doing the beginner’s yoga, then wearing sweatpants and long sleeve shirt is fine. If you are into rigorous yoga, then it is better to wear shorts and a T-shirt.